"Machine" out 9/23

My single comes out September 23rd. I'm happy the way it's turning out. I think hearing this and then hearing songs I come out with on my EP will be interesting because there's a slight style difference in each song.


If you'd like you can preorder the song at the front page and receive a direct download of it when it comes out. 



Thank you! 


New Single, "Machine"

New music out next month! 

New music out next month! 

So juiced to release my single "machine" out in September.  

I'm real happy with the song because I remember I had the melody in my head for months and couldn't put words to it. I finally sat down and tried to play a few chords with it and it kind of took on this spooky feeling and I wrote the lyrics very spontaneously based on that vibe. 


I think music, creativity, jobs, and life in general are like that. We have the basic idea, the sketch, the skeleton, or whatever, then we try to take what's in our head and bring it to the outside world and although we can make predictions we never really know what's going to happen. In this case I think it's gone well! Ha. 

bye for now,


Website in Progress/New Single Coming Soon

So excited this site is up! Thankful to everyone at Squarespace for making such an incredible and user friendly tool-chest for crafting a beautiful website.

I am working on a single called "Machine" to release and another song called "Never Let Me."

I'm shooting for both songs to be out by mid-September and then I'll start working on an EP. Any ideas for what to call it? 

Have an incredible weekend.